Escaping from Your Soul Unrest

soul unrest.jpg


When transition happens around us, we are forced to wrestle with the question of transition within us.


I can distinctly remember a time when I wrestled with such a thing.

I asked, "Am I supposed to be doing something different?" 

The answer was as clear as an audible response. 

Don't do anything different. Prepare for something different. 


This is, in my experience, the hardest place to live. 

In between the already and the not yet. Living in the gap between what has already been established and that which we know is coming, though we don't know what "it" is just yet. 


Preparation. It's the work of champions.

Preparation means doing what needs to be done, regardless if you feel like doing it. 

It's having the motivation to see something through. Past aspiration to the point of completion. 


Many people have big aspirations. Fewer yet see their aspirations acted upon to the point of reality. That takes massive amounts of hard work, intentionality and perseverance. 


So the question is this: 

If you were not modifying or tweaking your current reality, and you had the opportunity to start fresh and clean, what would you do? 

Maybe consider preparing for that. 


Preparing for the unknown is more about the little obscurities that no one will notice than it is about the big moment. It's organizing your book shelf, going through old files, it's spending extra time in the Word, reading and reflecting.

It's ordering your private life so you are ready to step into a public arena and thrive. 


For too many people and for far too long, we wait unmotivated and unnoticed, hoping fate will strike. And when it does, we have failed to build in the disciplines to propel us into the next chapter. 


Stop theorizing and start taking action. 

Stop talking and start listening. 


Your calling isn't to a task or geographic location.  Your calling is to His voice. 


A day at a time. One thing at a time. 

Be attentive. Be alert. He is always speaking. The question is, are we listening? 


The only escape from your soul unrest is not to quit early, and it's not to find a place where the grass is greener. It's not to back down or quit.

The right escape is endurance and attentiveness to His voice.


Tune your ear and wait patiently. For the timing of our God is always perfect.