Do You Live Inspired?


So here's the question of the day. 


Do you live planned or do you live inspired?


Planning is a good thing.  We all plan things; we prepare. Honestly, without planning there's a good possibility we would wander around aimlessly for much of a lifetime. 

The true value, in my opinion, when it comes to planning, is intentionality. Living on purpose. Setting and attaining goals. 

This has to be the backbone for life, for moving forward and accomplishing the things we are set on the earth for. 


But HOW we go about accomplishing to that end is entirely up to us. 

We have a choice if we are going to hollowly go through the motions or if we will live inspired. 


I have found I can't do much outside of inspiration. I can't write a song unless it's sparked by a moment of inspiration. Sure, I may finish the song while functioning in a mode of purposeful discipline, but the song idea will never start until inspiration strikes. 


Living inspired does not equal living undisciplined. 


Living inspired does not mean being unmotivated in moments of non-inspiration. 


Living inspired means to look forward. Not backward. 


Here's the biggest thing I just have come to realize in my world when it comes to inspiration: 

I can get caught in indecision because I'm waiting for inspiration to strike. 


And the truth is, there just are some things you will not get inspired about. Where you choose to eat for lunch is not something you are always going to have an inspirational moment to help you decide to turn left or turn right. To eat a burger or brat or sandwich or salad. Sometimes you just have to make a decision! 

We can't wait for inspiration to strike like lightning. Sometimes we have to live in the discipline of making wise decisions day in and day out and allow the inspiration, when it does strike, to serve as a catalyst to continue to propel us forward. 


So make a decision, put one foot in front of the other, and move forward.