Jesus and Instagram

It’s all about the followers. The onlookers. The spectators. The people who casually or religiously follow our every move and comment on the narrative of our lives as it unfolds.

We live in an age where the bigger the crowd, the bigger the bang. The more attention you can draw, the more traction that is gained. Here and today, we are all about wanting the crowd of onlookers to grow. We let the situation begin to heat up in hopes that more attention will be aimed at our scenario, more buzz will be developed.

And Jesus did the exact opposite. Jesus got something we miss in our social media age.

It’s not about attention from the masses. It’s about massive attention on the right thing.

Don’t believe me? Look at Mark 9:25.

When Jesus saw the crowd was growing, he rebuked the evil spirit...

Or Mark 9:30-31.

Jesus didn’t want anyone to know he was there, he wanted to spend time with his disciples and teach them.

There is a distinct difference between the crowd and the core. Jesus was very reluctant to let the crowd take over and begin to dictate the activities and atmosphere of the core.

So the next time you go to post a picture looking to attract attention of the crowd ask yourself this one question.

Does this inflate the crowd or build the core?

Jesus was all about the core and could care less about the hype. Maybe we could learn something from the guy who wouldn’t have an instagram if he walked the earth today ...