Out In Front Of God



We set our own pace.  We forge our own way.  
We do so many things in the name of God, in the cause of increasing the name and reputation of Jesus, to serve Him. 

But what happens when we get out in front of God? 

Go with me here. Sometimes we get so consumed with the path of God that we are walking that we forget we are walking with Jesus.  It's all about taking one step, waiting for the next instruction from the sovereign One and then taking the next step. Or maybe it's just me; I absolutely know I am guilty of it. Working in a church, Sundays come often, and the pressure to produce is a stress unique unto itself. It's not just to produce, but to foster spiritual environment for people away from God to experience a divine encounter. 

We plan. We strategize. And sometimes we just might be putting the cart in front of the horse. 

It's not that what we are doing is in contradiction to that which God intends to do, though at times we may jump the gun and circumvent God's timetable. 

I've heard it said that God is always on time and never early. I have seen this to be true, time and time again. And from our human perspective, there's no doubt this is perceived as a true reality. 

But what if from God's perspective WE are sometimes on time and always early? 

I'm learning that a move of God is less sudden than we would think or expect. And I am also learning that the every day activity and movement of God may not be sustainable at our relentless pace of technological, social platform living. 

So what are we to do about this? What does Jesus have to say? And what would Jesus say if today were a day he was teaching in the synagogue? What would be his words of choice be to our ragged, warn and weary souls, over-extended by our own good will, to make his name something more than it already is?

You know what's funny about that statement? We make God.... As if God needs our tweets or our strategy session. I'm pretty sure he's had it well under control since the beginning of time, and he's still got this now. 

So friends. My question to us all today is this. What does it mean for us to live our lives to honor Him today, not to merely serve Him? 

I've often prayed the prayer "God, let us not get ahead of you, but to stay closely behind you, following where you lead". 

Let's back the cart up and get it back behind the horse. 

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