Saying something familiar
in a fresh way.


Weather it be a song that invites the listener and singer to join the recognition of God at work or a song that beckons the weary soul to find rest, I consider it a true privilege to unearth and express what I believe many people are searching for: 
Language to describe what we know to be true about God as we wrestle with life's uncertainty and the complexity of this world that we live in.  

Songwriting is like breathing. 
If I cease to do so I will inevitably flatline. 

The songs I write are merely my daily journey of trial, redemption, suffering and hope.
Thank you for taking the time to listen.  
My prayer is you would be encouraged and challenged by what you hear.


some of my current co-writes include:

I Stand In Awe (Chris Tomlin)

Fresh Outpouring (Jesus Culture, Kim Walker-Smith)

Lighthouse (Brandon Heath)

Miracle or Not (Alisa Turner)

Heart’s Cry (Chris Quilala)

The Best Is Yet To Come (Matty Mullins)

Welcome Here (Chris Quilala)